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QuickBooks Integration for POSitouch

Sales Receipts • Customer Invoices • Vendor Bills • Employee Time Entries for Payroll

PTQ by MaherWare has been the premier Positouch to QuickBooks integration solution for over 15 years. We are saddenned to say that it's time has ended. MaherWare is no longer offering PTQ for sale and we are retiring this product line.

The GOOD NEWS is that we are offering a brand new SAAS solution that is 10 times better PTQ. Please click on Cohesion for Restaurants below to see for youself...

Features Added In This Version:
■ 1/14 - Employee Wage Rates can now be managed in QuickBooks instead of POSitouch.
■ 1/14 - Manage TE Job Translations in PTQ rather than POSitouch.

Features Added In This Version:
■ 11/14 - GL Translations can now be managed in PTQ rather than POSitouch.
■ 7/14 - PTQ can now be installed on Hosting Servers.
■ 6/14 - Sales can now be imported as a General Journal, Sales Receipt or Invoice.
■ 4/14 - Exclude selected Labor Jobs from your Time Entries import.
■ 1/14 - Use PTQ Remote to transfer your data from your Restaurants to your Home Office
■ 1/14 - Purchases can be imported as Credit Card charges instead of Bills.
■ 1/14 - Purchases can be included based on the date purchases were entered.
■ 1/14 - Select or de-select the entire list of stores and/or modules by clicking on column headers.
■ 1/14 - Help system with a fully revised Implementation Guide, FAQs and Troubleshooting.
■ 11/13 - Support for QuickBooks 2014 (Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Accountant)

Features Added In This Version:
■ 3/13 - Assign Terms to Bills to calculate Due Dates
■ 3/13 - Assign Terms to Invoices to calculate Due Dates.
■ 1/13 - Combined deposit (i.e. MC Payment and VISA Payment into MC/VISA Deposit)
■ 1/13 - Support for QuickBooks 2013 (Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Accountant)

Features Added In This Version:
■ 7/12 - Include Paidout Details in Sales Receipt.
■ 7/12 - Detail rows now highlight when they are selected.
■ 7/12 - Updated Licensing System to make it faster and easier to use.
■ 1/12 - Support for QuickBooks 2012 (Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Accountant)

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